Sometimes skin can tell us that something isn’t quite as it should be such as …

Fleas can also cause flea allergy dermatitis (or FAD). Signs of problems include scratching, licking, chewing, hair loss at base of tail, scabs and red/ thickened skin.
Flea control is critical, even a couple of flea bites can cause hours of agony for allergic animals. Fleas can also cause flea allergy dermatitis (or FAD).

Lumps and bumps
It might be an insect bite or a foreign body, e.g. a grass seed causing an abscess, or even a sign of a broken bone, cyst or cancer. Skin tumours in dogs and cats may be serious – it’s always best to be safe and have all lumps checked by us.

Parasites and fungi
Ringworm, fleas, mites and lice can live on your pet’s skin. We can help diagnose and prescribe the best treatment for your pet. Some can be harmful to humans too, so if you are concerned please give us a call.

Bacteria can grow in damaged skin and needs urgent attention. Call us and bring in your pet. As veterinarians we have been specially trained to identify any problems and work out the best solution for your pet. Only veterinarians can perform surgery to remove and test any lumps or bumps.

We can prescribe antibiotics for infections, anti-parasitics and anti-fungals for infestations, special medications to help repair the skin’s natural barrier, or specific foods for pets with allergies. We even have state-of-the-art anti-itch products 
and can perform allergy testing and desensitisation.