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Grooming is an important part of pet care. Depending on the breed, age,and health of your pet, grooming may even need to be a part of you and your pet’s daily routine. Many breeds require less grooming than this, but regular grooming always helps to keep your pet healthy and comfortable.  Some breeds don’t shed their hair effectively (eg. Poodles) and require grooming by a professional every 6-8 weeks. Long haired cats can particularly benefit from regular grooming as it helps prevent the formation of knots on the skin and hairballs in the stomach.

Our professional grooming services

We offer a range of grooming services from full clips to hydrobath facilites for dogs of all breeds and even cats where needed. Our groomer is happy to tailor the grooming to meet your personal preferences when it comes to your pooch’s style.

All dogs booked in for grooming (whether having a hair cut or just a bath) will also have their nails trimmed, ears cleaned and anal glands expressed as part of the service, and can be either towel dried or blow dried according to your preference.

For dogs that require sedation to be safely groomed, the vets on site can arrange suitable sedation after a thorough physical exam.

Grooming appointments are available on Monday and Tuesday. Call us on 03 9877 3999 to make an appointment for your pet. It is best to book well in advance to avoid disappointment, especially during the warmer months when our groomer is at their busiest.

Grooming at home

We encourage you to also engage in regular grooming with your pet at home. There are numerous benefits of regular grooming, for example:

  • Decreased chance of skin problems
  • Optimal skin cleanliness and comfort for you and your pet
  • Improved monitoring of health issues like cuts, skin irritation and lumps or growths on the skin.
  • Closer bonding with your pet through regular contact

5 tips for bathing your dog at home

1) Choose the right shampoo – never use human shampoo (even baby shampoo) as it’s the wrong pH for your pooch. If your dog is itchy, oily or has sensitive skin, we can recommend the most suitable shampoo for your dog.

2) Pop some cotton wool in your dog’s ears to prevent any water sneaking into the canal – don’t forget to take it out after you’ve finished.

3) Provide a non slip surface – put a towel on the bottom of the bath, or a non slip mat to help your dog feel more secure and prevent slipping.

4) Place a towel over your dog to prevent water going everywhere when the inevitable shake occurs.

5) Jam some steel wool in the plug hole to catch the wet fur and make cleaning up easier.

If you need any more information about bathing your dog you can always ask our professional dog groomers for help. We can even make sure your dog is clean enough to sleep in your bed!

Do I need to wash my cat?

Usually you don’t really need to bathe your feline friend as they are equipped to take care of their own personal hygiene. In fact, they come equipped with their own hairbrush in the form of the rough surface on the top of their tongue.

Having said that, some cats are better at grooming themselves than others so you may need to groom your cat from time to time to help remove dead hair and prevent matting. This is especially the case with longer haired cats and as our kitties get older. Matting can cause pain and discomfort, and in some cases, your cat may need sedation to have any matting clipped off safely.

If your cat is grooming itself less effectively, this can be a sign of illness or pain and you should bring them in to see our expert Forest Hill vets for a checkup.

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