Perry Kazantzis

Practice Owner (BVSc)

Perry graduated from the University of Melbourne in 2000. He loves doing surgery – ranging from basic procedures like speys, castrations and dental procedures to more complicated orthopaedic and soft tissue surgeries. Apart from surgery he loves to interact with clients and generally have a good chat with them about their pets but also a wide range of other things ranging from cars, favourite places to eat, holiday destinations and a wide range of other varied topics.

Perry loves to do things with his hands – he loves to find out how and why things work especially electronics – if something is broken Rachel can come home to find it in pieces and then miraculously it is fixed and working again – after a bit of electronic microsurgery!!

Along with fixing things Perry also likes to build things – you can’t just go out and buy a cat tower with a cat wheel attached……..Perry draws up a design, makes the compulsory Bunnings trip(s) to purchase supplies and then puts together up a multilevel cat tower with a ramp and cat wheel attached which the 2 cats love and make full use of by the way. If he is not building a piece of furniture, he is possibly building another Lego creation.

He also likes to relax watching varied TV series and movies – sci fi are a particular favourite of his.

Family is very important to Perry - spending time with his wife Rachel and daughter Deni is a priority, whether it is a quite day spent at home or out and about on another family adventure.

Rachel Picot

Practice Owner (BVSc (Hons))

Rachel graduated in 1999 from Melbourne University.  She has completed further study in both internal medicine and ultrasound.

In her limited spare time Rachel likes to crochet. People sometimes look at her strangely when she says that, until she shows them her amigurumi which is the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small, stuffed yarn creatures.  A very suitable hobby for a vet. 

Rachel’s other hobbies include photography and collecting cookbooks which she sometimes uses to cook!  She also enjoys watching movies and numerous tv series ranging from sci fi, to historical drama and comedy. Rachel enjoys going for bike rides with Perry and their daughter Deni - they have all been having a go at mountain biking (as well as enjoying the multitude of regular bike paths Melbourne has to offer).

Most of all, Rachel enjoys spending time with her family.  Perry and Rachel have been married since 2002. Their daughter Deni shares her parents’ love of animals. They share their home with Othello a Schnoodle who Perry rescued as a puppy (performing heart surgery to save his life) and their two cats, Luna, a beautiful champagne mink Tonkinese girl and Neo, a gorgeous blue Burmese boy.

Sharnee Lehrmayer

Veterinarian (BVSc (Hons))

Sharnee has been working as a small animal veterinarian since graduation from Melbourne University in 2010. Sharnee has a special interest in internal medicine, ophthalmology and clinical pathology and enjoys keeping up to date with new and developing treatment options at conferences both in Australia and abroad.

Sharnee is owned by Xena, a brown Burmese cat who is very mischievous and likes to terrorise Sharnee on a daily basis, and Salem, a black domestic shorthair, who likes to terrorise Xena on a daily basis. In her free time she also enjoys horse riding, rollerskating and reading a good book.



Veterinary Nurse

Danielle has been a qualified member of our team since 2019. With a warm smile and friendly demeanour, you'll find Danielle greeting you and your furry family as if you had been lifelong friends. Treating your pets as if they were her own, Danielle provides warm soft beds, treatments and most importantly, plenty of cuddles for our hospital patients. Danielle is owned by a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Bailey and a Shetland Sheepdog named Noah. She spends the majority of her spare time providing them lots of care and enjoying their canine company.


Veterinary Nurse

Erika is a veterinary nurse and moved to Melbourne from rural Victoria in 2019. Growing up around the farm meant that she was always surrounded by many different animals of all shapes and sizes. Her passion has always been to care for animals and this is reinforced by the kindness and compassion she shows to all of her patients. She loves nature and when she isn't hiking or surfing she is spending time with her beautiful border collie, Jasper.


Veterinary Nurse

Since childhood Emma has had a keen interest in animals of all shapes and sizes which has encouraged her to pursue a career as a Veterinary Nurse and hopefully one day a Veterinarian.

Her love of animals was encouraged by the menagerie she was surrounded by as a child, from rabbits to guinea pigs and budgies to fish. For over 14 years now she has kept chickens as backyard pets and absolutely loves these extraordinary creatures. Currently, she has one cuddly ginger cat named Harry, two energetic Australian Shepherds Named Zac and Flynn, and 11 adorable backyard chickens. 


Veterinary Nurse

Chantelle has recently started her journey as a vet nurse. She decided she wanted to work with animals as she finds it very rewarding being able to make a difference in their lives. She has completed her Cert II in Animal Studies and is planning on doing Cert IV in veterinary nursing. She has had a huge passion for animals since she was little and loves every animal as if it were her own. She is owned by a cheeky Shihtzu x Chihuahua named Muffin. In her spare time she loves to provide Muffin with lots of cuddles and take him on play dates with his furry friends, as well as spending time with her friends and family.


Veterinary Nurse

Cathy Yan

Cathy has been working at Burvale Heights Vet ever since graduating from the University of Melbourne in 2021. Cathy loves all aspects of veterinary medicine, but has a special interest in oncology - and is endeavouring to pursue those interests further. She enjoys having a good laugh and chat.

Cathy is occupied at home by her two cats Mia and Pipi, both of whom are very cheeky and like to get into mischief. In her spare time you can find her doing pilates, scrap-booking or snuggled up watching a variety of tv shows. She also enjoys travelling - with her next destination on her bucket list being Japan.



Veterinary Nurse

Monique has always wanted to work with animals since she was young. She grew up with a lovely golden Labrador named Cassy, multiple fish of various species throughout the years, and now has a cheeky Maltese Shih Tzu called Daisy.

With a background of animal technology, Monique has decided to pursue veterinary nursing, and has started her Certificate IV to become fully qualified. She hopes to work with wildlife and exotic animals at rescue shelters or rehabilitation centres, as Monique is passionate about animal care and wellbeing, and nursing animals back to their full health.

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