Health Checks

At Burvale Heights Veterinary Hospital we encourage you to become actively involved in the long term health of your pet with regular health checks. A health check is an appointment where we give your pet a full physical exam and have an in-depth discussion about your pets health to ensure all your pets health needs are being met, and to try and identify any issues before they develop into debilitating disease.

There are many things involved in keeping your companion healthy, such as parasite control, nutrition and dental health that are important at every life stage. Pets benefit from regular health checks at every life stage – puppy and kitten health checks to give you a refresher of the healthcare schedules of young animals, health checks of newly acquired adult pets, health checks of adult animals and especially senior health checks to start screening older pets for diseases of maturity such as obesity, arthritis, hormonal diseases, liver and kidney disease.

Because pets age so rapidly, major health changes can occur in a short amount of time. In younger animals issues such as dental disease, weight problems, skin problems and behavioural issues can get out of control if not picked up early. As pets age risk of arthritis, obesity, heart disease, hormonal diseases, liver and kidney disease all increase with every passing year.

Blood pressure testing, urine testing and blood cell and biochemistry testing protocols are designed for your pets needs as they age.

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