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Traveling with kitty

We understand that bringing your cat to visit us or getting in the car for any trip can be stressful for everyone in the family. We hope these tips help make any trip more enjoyable. Please don’t let this stand in the way of getting veterinary attention for your cat....

Say “ahhh” – pets and dental care

You brush your teeth every day, so why not your pet’s teeth? It’s easier than you think. We have pet toothbrushes and yummy flavoured toothpastes, and special foods and treats like Greenies™ to help keep those teeth and gums healthy – and those licks more loveable. We...

Skin is amazing!

Sometimes skin can tell us that something isn’t quite as it should be such as ... Fleas Fleas can also cause flea allergy dermatitis (or FAD). Signs of problems include scratching, licking, chewing, hair loss at base of tail, scabs and red/ thickened skin.

Four essential flea fighting tips

1. Vacuum frequently as flea infested pets are like ‘salt shakers’ – dropping flea eggs and ‘flea dirt’ in their favourite spots. Eggs and the larvae that hatch from those eggs live in carpets or cracks in floorboards. You may also need to treat the environment....

Welcoming your new furbabies

Make sure you have everything you need to make your new furbaby welcome. Here's our essential guide: Cosy bedding Appropriate food – we have a great range for young tums! Toys to help with chewing A health check booked with us. Have you set a date for vaccinations?...

Does your pet have ‘love handles’?

We are seeing more and more overweight pets and it makes us sad as vet and nurses. Obesity puts pets at risk of diabetes, arthritis and heart disease. Check out the charts below to determine the condition of your pet: If your pet scored a 4 or a 5 on the Condition...

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