At Burvale Heights Veterinary Hospital we are fully equipped with the latest in digital radiology for high quality diagnostic radiographs (x-rays) of your pet. Radiography is a valuable tool for allowing us to diagnose diseases, especially for conditions involving bones, abdominal organs or chest structures. We also offer PennHip x-ray studies which are recognised as the best technique for screening for hip dysplasia.

What happens to my pet when it is booked in for radiographs?

Most of our patients are admitted into hospital for the day to have radiographs taken, unless it is an emergency and we’ll take them immediately. We ask that you bring your pet in unfed on the morning of admission, as they may need to be sedated or anaesthetised to allow us to take the best quality radiographs possible.

Once the radiographs have been taken we will give you a call or book an appointment for our veterinarians to show you the images and to discuss the diagnosis and treatment plan for your pet.

Why do pets need to be sedated or anaesthetised to have radiographs taken?

When we have radiographs (X-rays) taken the radiographer asks us to keep perfectly still, often in unnatural positions.  Often pets won't happily tolerate these unusal postures whilst concious, so sedation or anaesthesia is required for us to take good quality radiographs that give us diagnostic information. Our vets will inform you prior to the procedure whether your pet will require sedation or anaesthesia for their x-rays.



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