Pet Insurance: Is it worth it?

Unfortunately, a trip to the vet can sometimes come with unexpected costs! Pet insurance is one way you can have peace of mind when it comes to helping cover high or ongoing veterinary fees.

When is the best time to insure my pet?
The sooner, the better! Young, healthy puppies and kittens should not have any issues preventing coverage. Always check with your insurance provider as there may be certain age requirements. Many companies can cover puppies or kittens from about 8 weeks of age.

Are older pets covered?
Some policies may not provide coverage for pets over nine years of age. If you have adopted a pet, a previous medical history or proof of adoption may be required.

Bear in mind the older you pet is prior to taking out pet insurance the more likely it may have pre-existing conditions that would be excluded from coverage. 

What is a pre-existing condition?
Pre-existing conditions are medical illnesses that have occurred prior to your policy being purchased. If your pet has had a history of on-going skin disease for example, and insurance was taken out after this diagnosis, chances are, that condition or illness will be excluded from cover. 

What is a waiting period?
A waiting period is the time in which the policy holder will need to serve before coverage can be provided for either an illness (provided this was not pre-existing) or accident. If an accident or illness occurs within your policy waiting period, this is also excluded from cover.

Is routine care covered?
This depends on the individual policy as well. Some treatments such as de-sexing, vaccinations and parasite control are excluded from most providers but may be added on your policy as an optional benefit.

Keeping in mind, this may add to your monthly premium costs.

We have seen many clients (and their pets) benefit from having pet insurance.  Depending on the policy, claims can be put through for:
•  medical issues – such as skin allergies, ear infections, lameness, arthritis treatments, vomiting and diarrhoea  
•  diagnostic procedures – such as x-rays, ultrasounds and pathology testing
•  major surgical procedures – abdominal surgeries, orthopaedic surgeries, lump removals.

Always read the policy disclosure statements (PDS) when looking to purchase a policy.  Some of these can be quite wordy and long but might be worth your time. In the PDS, you'll find an array of detail including policy exclusions, definitions, excess options, waiting periods and more.  Do your research and work out what is cost-effective to you as well as what may provide the most cover (if desired). For more information or if you would like a comparison list of insurance providers, please speak to one of our staff for assistance


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