How weight management helps

Did you know?

Bone and joint disease is 3x more likely in obese pets! 

Excess weight means their joints are constantly under more stress. Eventually, for many obese pets even simple movements such as getting up out of bed will become difficult and painful. This is a self-perpetuating cycle, as overweight pets continue to gain weight because they aren't able to move around.

The goods news is; we can improve our pets' mobility and quality of life simply by helping them lose a little weight.

According to scientific research in humans, overweight people with knee osteoarthritis enjoy significantly increased mobility following weight loss of just 5.1%.

At Burvale Heights Vet Hospital we have a number of weight-loss diets available. Call us to speak to one of our friendly nurses to arrange a free weight check and discuss which diet may suit your pet best!

Healthy treat alternatives

  • Apple slices (core and seeds removed) 
  • Cucumber
  • Baby carrot 
  • Broccoli florets 
  • Zucchini 
  • Plain, boiled, skinless and boneless chicken breast. 
  • Blueberries


Activity ideas to get both cats and dogs moving!           


  • Go for a walk or run 
  • For dogs without mobility issues, switch it up by going places with different kinds of terrain, benches to balance on or logs to jump over 
  • Play fetch 
  • Exercise on a hillside or stairs for extra intensity 
  • For doggies that like the water, go to a doggy pool or head to the beach for a swim! 
  • Make a “dogstacle course”. Place fitness steps or other items in the backyard or park and walk your dog through at a quick pace 
  • Play hide and go-seek in a safe secure place outside (a park or your backyard) for physical and mental stimulation 
  • Climbing stairs - healthy for your dog’s leg muscles — and yours!          


Toys: A fun toy will encourage your cat to get moving. Buy from a pet shop or make one yourself. 

  • Catch that light: Shine a flashlight on the floor and walls, and watch your cat go. 
  • "Boxing” Give your cat a box to play in and see what happens next.
  • "Hunting”: Put a few kibbles in different spots each day and bring out your cat’s inner hunter!

Our featured product "the Indoor Hunting Feeder" ticks both these boxes! Available for purchase in clinic.